About this project

In November 2009, together with my friend and writer Txemi Terroso, we started up a music magazine, www.entradasagotadas.es. We wanted to approach music journalism from a different angle, so we decided that our concert reviews would tell the gig experience in a new way, that is, our way.
So he would write short stories instead of your average review and I would illustrate them inspired by the concert, the artists themselves or whatever surrounded them.
This website is a compilation of the first 100 illustrations I´ve done since we started.

Is this the end then? No, as long as the music plays, there´ll be more. This project continues at 200 Music Illustrations.

Oscar Giménez, illustrator at www.oscargimenez.com. And you could say I was almost predetermined to becoming one.
Born in a family of artists, I grew up in an unhealthy atmosphere of ink, paint odours, photolithographs and tight deadlines. Although I always loved drawing, initially I refused to follow in their footsteps, but went instead in search of a life of stability and fresh air. After attempting a variety of jobs in other fields, I finally decided to follow the call, with no regrets.
Nowadays I can fortunately include Adobe, Playboy, Universal Music, Rolling Stone, Audi, Heineken Music Selector, Telecinco and The National Magazine Company, amongst others, in my client list. I´ve also been featured in various industry publications including “The Big Book of Fashion Illustration”, “The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration”, “Fresh 3, Cutting Edge Illustrations” and “What´s Illustration”. I guess that luckily fate won over stubbornness.

See more of my work at www.oscargimenez.com
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Contact me at info@oscargimenez.com

Where can I buy your illustrations?
Some of the illustrations/portraits on this site are available on my Society6 shop.

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